Use and Care:

Fingers and Scarleaves

Every day before use, wash your Scar Leaves* with a mild soap and water.  Then rinse dry.  You should also wash and dry the scarred area.

Place your Scar Leaves* either side up, directly over your scar.  The Scar Leaves* should overlap your scar at least ¼ inch around the entire area of your scar.

We recommend hypoallergenic adhesive tape to hold your Scar Leaves* securely in place over your scar.  Because everyone is different, ask your pharmacist which hypoallergenic adhesive tape would best suit your skin.  There are several to choose from.

Fingers and Scarleaves

Other ways of holding Scar Leaves* in contact may include Tubi-grip, non allergenic garments, pharma-ceutical silk gloves, in case of hand scars such as carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, and even some types of clothing.  The most important thing to remember is to always have Scar Leaves* in contact with your scar for the most effective results.

Begin wearing your Scar Leaves* for, at least, 8 hours per day. However, your Scar Leaves* can be worn 24 hours each day.

We at Scar Leaves* understand your concern about your scar.  We understand the pain a scar may cause you, a family member or a friend.  Please allow Scar Leaves* to help you leave your scars behind.

Call your toll free number 877 235-3800 to start leaving your scar behind or to PREVENT any potential scarring disorders.  Yes, PREVENT them.

Ask our professional staff about the different Scar Leaves* pieces.