• Q. Is your scar hypertrophic or keloid?

    A. If your scar is red and raised, or discolored according to your skin pigmentation, and it is irritable and uncomfortable, more than likely it is a hypertrophic or a keloid scar. Your doctor will know for certain.

  • Q. How long will it take my scar to look and feel more like my normal skin?

    A. Some people may see results in a short period of time. For others, it may take several months to see the desired result. You MUST comply with the easy to follow, use and care instructions for Scar Leaves*. Though results may be dramatic and pleasing to you, some evidence of your scar may remain. Please note that one Scar Leaves* sheet is all that you will need for your scar, as Scar Leaves* can be used over and over again.

  • Q. Does Scar Leaves* PREVENT scarring disorders?

    A. Using Scar Leaves* following surgery, injury or burns may PREVENT the formation of a scar (hypertrophic or keloid). Scar Leaves* may PREVENT scarring disorders after all surgeries or burns.

  • Q. What can I lose?

    Only your scar. You have nothing to lose by using Scar Leaves* for your scarring disorder Scar Leaves* will help return your skin to a more normal color and texture. Remember that staying on a daily regiment is key to a successful treatment.